Ceramic Workshops

I run a variety of ceramics workshops: Educational based workshops, workshops from my studio, workshops from your own venue and workshops from New Brewery Arts and other art centres.

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Educational Workshops

Workshops from my studio

Workshops from your venue

Workshops at New Brewery Arts

I offer a wide range of clay pottery and ceramic sculpture actives for all ages from Year 1 through to adult. Tasks can include making models of animals, faces and monsters to building a wide variety of pots or even creating ambitious individual ceramic sculptures.

Educational Workshops >

There are various workshops during the year which deal with specific tasks. These are for those with all levels of experience who are interested in trying their hand at pottery or ceramic sculpture.

Studio Workshops >

These are workshops at a venue of your choice, where I can come to you, along with all the materials required for the day.

Mobile Workshops >

I run a variety of workshops from New Brewery Arts in Cirencester and at other art centres.

Workshops from other venues